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mostly vixx; male kpop groups in general


140802 Royal Pirates’ “Conquest Seoul Busking” at Han River Park — Moon (2) ; (1

[cr: Mayday]

When your phone background is a Kpop Idol
  • Person At School: Is that your boyfriend
  • Me: Why Yes, Yes it is!

wonjae hugging (promoting tvxq’s hug) + ken imitating ravi saying hug~!

[VIXX NEWS] #VIXX concert, You dont have to be a Starlight to fall into their charms! #HEX_SIGN ↘


On Saturday July 19th, VIXX held their first solo concert ‘VIXX LIVE FANTASIA HEX SIGN’ at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park for the second day. On this day VIXX had no idea that I brought 20 female acquaintances with me to the concert. Idol concerts reminded me of the ‘Speed…


Hongdae VIXX BOX Fan Sign 140729
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